Mad Dog MC - Hong Kong, was and still is the first and leading 3 patch motorcycle club in Hong Kong.

Firmly established in January 2003, MDMC - HK became the 5th international chapter in the Mad Dog (Asia) World. The club now stands as six chapters.

The Hong Kong chapter was conceived by two founding members, "Dragon" =133=, and "Thunder" =139= back in the fall of 2002. After several meetings, phone calls, and discussions with the Philippines "Mother Chapter", "Dragon" was hauled down to Angeles City, Philippines and received the first MDMC - HK tattoo in November of that year, followed closely by ‘Thunder'.  ‘Ghost', 'Gazza', 'Tank' and 'Wolf' joined within the first few months of 2003, but all remained tattoo less.

Mad Dog MC - HK was born...

With the exception of a handful of early members, every member since is tattooed.  We think that this is very important to our membership and commitment to the brothers.  At the same time, every tattoo has been done in the Philippines, of respect for the tradition as well as the “Mother Chapter”.

‘Dragon’ served as the first President in Hong Kong for the first six months.  In July 2003, ‘Thunder’ took over for the next two years.  As in any organization, sometimes things must change.  In August 2005 after several long months, we appeared to have stalled, so there was a bit of a coup…   ‘Rob’ took over as President and ‘Mingo’ became the VP, whereas together they ran the chapter for most of the next seven years.  ‘Rob’ left the club in May 2012.  Since then ‘Mingo’ has served as the President and from early 2019 "Pilo" is now the VP. 

Over the years, a few have left the Hong Kong chapter of MDMC as MiGS (Member in Good Standing), but there are also some who’ve departed in a different light.  Of the original six members, none remain…

We have recently celebrated our fifteeth anniversary in Hong Kong, spring of 2018. As of today, we believe that this chapter is better than ever, and growing stronger every day.

Current officers;

President – Mingo =163=
Vice President – Pilo =241=
Sgt. at Arms – PITA =263=